Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Looking for Boost mobile Customer Service Number?

It took me a little bit to find the Boost mobile Customer Service #, so I was thinking people might be having the same problem.

The customer care number is 1-888-322-1122


Neysaj said...

On 12/19/08, I attempted to contact Boost Mobile to put minutes on my cell phone. 1st I was given no. 5910089367 and told the charge had gone through. I was then told the transaction failed and to try again. So, I tried again, was given no. 7990740993, was told the charge had gone through. Again, I was told the charge was denied, to hang up and try again. However, since I was listening to a machine, I was concerned whether my MasterCard debit card had been charged. Therefore, I went into the bank and asked the teller to check if there were any recent charges against my account. He told me yes, there were two charges of $20 from American Roaming Network (Boost Mobile). I was unable to contact a live Customer Services Representative. Now I don't know how to resolve this matter. There were sufficient funds in my account to cover the initial charge. However, there were not sufficient funds in my account to cover the second charge they made against my account. This will cost me an over-draft charge of $34. Since I am unable to contact Boost Mobile on my CP, I am unable to resolve this matter. My previous phone number was (702) 289-4209. Although, the machine didn't provide me with a new phone number to use. I will appreciate any assistance you can provide me with. My email address is neysa2000@cox.net and neysaj@gmail.com.

Neysa R. Johnson

Neysaj said...
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